Maendeleo Agric

Maendeleo Agric

Hi-Tech, Low Cost Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 

Large land investments have been the typical vehicle for agricultural investment. We are offering a different take on agricultural investment. The future of agriculture is a knowledge industry and it needs to be treated as such. The mere presence of land, does not guarantee good yields or returns. Greenhouse technology and controlled environment agriculture techniques can produce higher yields on less land and with less inputs and minimal environmental impact. In addition, small greenhouses can be leased to small land holders and provide a ladder for small farmers to climb out of poverty.

Maendeleo Agric is a controlled environment agriculture company that provides sustainable Agriculture solutions at prices afforable to almost any farmer.

We aim to bring affordable greenhouse technology to emerging markets by establishing model farms that produce high-end horticulture and also retail the technology to local farmers.

More production + higher quality + lower production volatility = more demand + more sustained demand + lower price volatility.

Everyone wins.