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Maendeleo Rail

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A Holistic Strategy for Getting Rail Back on Track

Small to medium sized railroads, especially those in emerging markets, are dealt a poor hand. Operating a profitable railroad is difficult enough given the heavy sunk costs, but industry suppliers and consultants make it worse. Suppliers and consultants have built their industry around Class I freight in North America and subsidized high-speed passenger in the EU and the far east. The market for smaller railroads, especially those in emerging markets, has been ignored.

Maendeleo Rail provides operational solutions for small to medium sized railroads.

Small railroads are at an operational disadvantage from the very beginning. Supplier costs are targeted at large, subsidized railroads making any hope for a competitive return on investment a dream. In addition to the excessive up-front costs demanded by suppliers, most operational equipment is designed for the high human capital, benign environs of Europe and Japan. Emerging market railroads often face the challenges and the high costs of trying to maintain this equipment with less human capital, in harsher weather environments and where theft of wayside equipment is not a probability but an inevitability.

Our advantage is built around the Strategic Railroading ™ concept which takes a business perspective first and foremost. This means we can provide realistic and cost efficient solutions to any problem from financial management to the theft of wayside infrastructure. Maendeleo Rail’s managing partners have over 80+ years experience as senior management to some of the largest railroad operations in the world and provide practical insights and operating practices that are based a combination of experience and innovation. Our managing partners are also globally recognized safety experts and thus safety and reliability of operations are our core values. Lastly our extensive mathematical modeling capabilities means we can demonstrate ways to increase capacity and reduce maintenance costs without even touching a locomotive.

In all, we reduce the risk of operating a railroad, allowing the railroad to better serve its customers.