We want to make the world smarter.

Salsabil Ventures is a platform to launch businesses that spur change and deliver value. In pursuit of our goals, we hope to Teach, Collaborate, and Help (TeCH) businesses and people through our efforts to make the world more accessible. An idea lab, Salsabil develops technology solutions for the Middle East. A large and progressive online youth population combined with the general vacuum of content and platforms in the region makes the information space in the Middle East extremely attractive.

Salsabil is the umbrella entity for new digital ventures, especially those located or focused on the Middle East Market.

Salsabil also offers consulting and mentoring services to programs in the Middle East who wish to help spur entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

See Salsabil’s Start-ups Below:

A vertical search website targeted at Doha, Qatar’s vibrant restaurant delivery services. You can track Doha Delivery’s growth and changes by following the Doha Delivery Blog or following Doha Delivery on Twitter.

A graphic and map intensive site for finding real estate in Qatar